OpenQ Engage, the complete solution for Medical Affairs organizations to compliantly and effectively engage with Key Opinion Leaders and Stakeholders.


Manage the entire KOL lifecycle with a suite of tools built around the everyday activities to drive success for your KOL programs.   OpenQ Engage was designed and engineered specifically for Medical Affairs, including field-based Medical Science Liaisons, to identify and develop the business critical and highly scrutinized relationships between life sciences companies and KOLs in a compliant manner. And because OpenQ Engage is built natively on the Salesforce.com platform, it can seamlessly integrate with your other Force.com-based or even external solutions, including CRM, Medical Information, and many others.

To get the best results from any KOL tool, it needs to encompass all of your activities. Based on our significant experience working with many of the world’s largest and best performing KOL programs, OpenQ Engage provides robust support for each critical stage of the KOL lifecycle:


KOLManagemengt Process